"In all of us there is a hunger, marrow deep, to know our heritage - to know who we are and where we came from. Without this enriching knowledge, there is a hollow yearning. No matter what our attainments in life, there is still a vacuum, an emptiness, and the most disquieting loneliness." -- Alex Haley, Roots

Curt’s PATERNAL side:

(Maternal side continues below)


SANDERS - descendants of Peter SANDERS (1720-ca 1767) & Anna Marie _____ probably from Germany. [Updated 6 March 2017]


DAVIS - descendants of Samuel DAVIS (1669-1758) & Margaret STEWART (1676-1756) of County Tyrone, Ulster Ireland. [Updated 26 January 2013] The Davis Family book pdf has become a corrupted file over the years. However, and inexpensive reproduction can be had at this link (I have no connection to it).


O'RILEY - descendants of Barnabas O'RILEY, of Ireland (1764-1819) & Anna Marie FERREE (1764-1844 - the Ferree's of France). [Updated 26 January 2013]

SHULLEY - descendants of Frederick SHULLEY (1748-1841) & Mary _____ of south central Pennsylvania and probably from Switzerland. [Updated 26 January 2013]

DICK - descendants of Capt. Peter DICK (1811? - 1891) and Harriet LAU (1807-1881) of south Central Pennsylvania. (Updated 26 January 2013)

 TOPPER - descendants of Christian TOPPER (1715-1789 & Marie Barbara ______ of south central Pennsylvania and other areas. [Updated 26 January 2013]

GABLE - descendants of John GABLE of Germany and Lancaster and Lebanon Counties, Pennsylvania [Updated 26 January 2013]


Sites by other genealogists/associations:

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DUBOIS Association - descendants of Chretien DUBOIS (1597-abt 1628) and his wife Cornelia _____ of France


DEYO Association - descendants of Christian DEYO (1620-1685) and Jeanne VERBEAU (1612-1673) of France

FERREEE- the descendants of Daniel FERREE (1646-1708) & Marie WARENBUER (1653-1716)  of France.

Curt’s MATERNAL side:



- descendants of Richard KYLBORN (abt 1395-1454) & _____, of England. [Updated 26 January 2013]

Kilbourne Celebrities pdf

LANG - descendants of Michael LANG (1837-1917) and Mary Catherine YOUNG (1859-1937) principally Germany, New York State and Michigan. [Updated 26 January 2013]

PICKLES - descendants of John PICKLES (ca 1816-?) & Hannah HORSFIELD (ca 1816-?) of Halifax, Yorkshire, England. [Updated 26 January 2013]

DEMARANVILLE - descendants of Louis DEMARANVILLE (?-abt 1772), Paris, France, & Susanna CRAPEAU (1707-1757) of Massachusetts (daughter of Pierre Crapeau of Bordeaux, France). [Updated  26 January 2013]

Sites by other genealogists:

ALDRICH Family Association - descendants of George ALDRICH (1605-1683) & Katherine SEALD (1610-1691) of England.

I am a descendant of Mayflower Passengers arriving at Plymouth, Massachusetts, 1620:

  1.  William WHITE (?-1620) and wife
  2.  Susanna _____; and their son
  3. Resolved WHITE (ca 1650-1690)
  4.  Gov. William BRADFORD (1590-1657) and wife
  5.  Dorothy MAY (about 1597-1620) of England
  6.  Rev. William BREWSTER (1560- 1644) and wife
  7.  Mary _____ (1569-1627), and son
  8.  Love BREWSTER (1614-1650)
  9.  Richard WARREN (1575-1628)



The flag left and below is the Civil War battle flag from the 22nd PA Cavalry - the same unit my great-great grandfather Sgt. Anthony George SANDERS fought in. In honor of the soldiers who served in the Civil War/War Between the States on this 2011 150th anniversary, I have made a listing of related individuals from my database.


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