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The Sanders Sentinel annual newsletter 2017 issue is available! Password protected. Need the password? Contact me. If I don’t know you, please give some basic information about yourself.

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A short history:

I believe I started the family newsletter in 1987, but the 1987 issue is missing. I recall they being only 2-pagers. The 1988 issue is titled “Sanders Sampler” - I changed the name thereafter.

My inspiration for the tabloid-like newsletter came from my friend the late George Demshock and the rising ability of Apple Macintosh™ computers to become desk-top publishers. I also wanted to give something more than a Christmas card (not that I don't appreciate them myself) that was an update on family matters for distant relatives and an entertainment vehicle for the non-relative reader. I enjoy putting together every issue. Most contain family updates, genealogy, recipes, soapbox opinions, etc.

Since 1989, every issue has improved. But a lot also depended upon my budget for the year and the method that I could satisfactorily output in quality.

The 1994, 1995, 1997 original newsletter digital files are missing, so I had to scan them. The 1996 issue was the first "online" edition. It was composed in AppleWorks and converted over to Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) -- the language of the Internet. It is also the first full-color issue (online).

The 1998 edition was the first to be totally created for the purpose of being online as an Adobe® Acrobat Portable Digital File (pdf) with "hot links" embedded in the document.

The 1999 edition was the first to have a Quicktime® movie clip embedded into it (but making the download time back then a bit long!).

Subsequent editions: 2000-2016 have shown improvement with advancing technology. The 2008-2014 the newsletter issues have been composed in Apple Pages. The 2015-2016 issues were composed in iStudio Publisher.

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